Creating Magic Systems — Myths of the Mirror

Writers of speculative fiction—whether fantasy, paranormal, superhero, or science fiction—are dealing with supernatural or hyper-scientific systems that stretch our reality and knowledge of the known. As writers, our job is to create realities where these systems are understood by the reader and feel natural and integrated into the speculative world. A reader’s immersion requires that […]

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First blog post

First blog post, the drama of In-Between. I never thought to separate them but use it as one, as I always have, which is how I see it in my mind, but then you get that ugly red warning, warning, WARNING, you are WRONG! Correct this or suffer the consequences!

I was going to keep it as I want, inbetween, this is my page, my words, my jumbled up way of seeing how to use this one, or two, words. Why change it? Does it matter? Should it? Oh well . . . Here’s to the Inbetween.